September Q Box

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Time sure flies by when you're nose-deep in schoolwork! This review has been a long time coming and at last, I finally found the time to write it.

Here's a video of the things I received in my September Q Box! (There's also a picture below.)

I really liked this box! The floral headband, which I didn't show completely, is super cute. It has bendable wires inside so you can fashion it easily into a ribbon that will stay up. I'm not sure what I'll be doing with those stickers though. I wish they didn't give the stickers. The seaweed snack was interesting. I like seaweed, but I went back-and-forth between deciding if I liked them or not. It's very unique, though!

Here's a picture:

Looking forward to October's Q Box. I cannot wait to open that one up!
 (And I'll try to be more puctual in my review of that one!)

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