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Hey! So I know I'm a little late with this post because everyone everywhere on social media who ordered the August Q Box has already Instagram-ed it, blogged about it, made a video about it, etc. and has already moved on to bigger and better things. Except me.

The Q Box is a monthly surprise make-up & accessories subscription box, except this one specializes in mostly Korean and Japanese brands. It's similar to other subscription boxes like Wantable, Smashbox, Ipsy, Glossybox, Joliebox, Birchbox, Starbox, etc. In choosing a subscription box, be sure to factor in the monthly costs and have an idea what to expect in each box. The more expensive boxes usually offer full-size high end brands while the cheaper ones only give out sample-sizes. Some specialize purely in make up, others in skin care. Some boxes, like the Q Box, is fairly random although it does promise to include one piece of jewelry and makeup in each box. ALSO: beware! I've heard that the subscription plans for some of these makeup boxes are a complete hassle to cancel. Make sure you are always aware of their policy on cancellation, returns, and refunds.

Okay, I'll be honest— this is not a first impression review because I actually already opened the box about a week ago. Plus, if you don't already know this little tidbit about me, then here you go: I do not like surprises. I like to be as omniscient as possible about future events in my life. It's just the way I am. So because I'm like this, before I even opened this box I had actually already looked at pictures and a whole lot of spoilers about what was inside the August Q Box prior to receiving it. So basically, surprised I was not.

Anyway, I was a bit let down by this box. Don't get me wrong, I still liked plenty of things in it (my mom loved the toilet seat handle... more on that later) and everything was so cute! But compared to what I saw in the June Q Box and the March Q Box, I feel like the August Q Box was the Joker card of the bunch so far. I'm still quite hopeful about the Q Box subscription as a whole though, because I got the 3-month plan. I'll be expecting great things from you, September Q Box. You too, October Q Box.

So here's the August Q Box by Get Q Box:

(Wrapped in pink tissue paper and ribbons!)

Okay, so let me just get right into it.

The box itself is really cute. However, I wasn't super impressed with how it was sealed. Take a look at the stickers on the side. They were more or less peeling like that when I picked it up at the post office. The stickers on the side looked as though they'd been opened by someone. Although nothing in the box was missing, I was really turned off by that. Q Box people, please seal your boxes properly. Cuteness is a minor thing when it comes to shipment. I'd rather have a heavily-taped box than one that's been tampered with.

Here's what was inside:

(Yes, I did eat those cookies already.)

Here's a complete list of what I received:

1. Rilakuma Noise-isolating earphones (Korea)
2. Lotte Cereal Choco (Korea)
3. Jouetie Little Bunny earrings and strawberry necklace (Japan)
4. Jetoy Choo Choo Cat postcard set (Korea)
5. 3 Concept Eyes Full Cover Concealer (Korea)
6. Happy Wing toilet seat handle (Korea)
7. Cath Kidston Floral Lunchbag (Japan)

And now for more pictures!

Rilakuma Noise-isolating earphones (Korea)
(Cute... but is it efficient?)

Now I really wish I'd kept my Rilakkuma iPhone case! This one to be exact. I used that thing for over a year before deciding to chuck it due to the whole 'pedo-bear' meme spreading around. Now that I have these earphones, I no longer have my case to match it with. :(

If you can't read the tiny text on the picture, the 'features' of these earphones are:
"10mm Audio Drivers"
"Lightweight Ergonomic Fit"
"Tangle-free cable"
"Soft ear pillows"

.... 'Soft ear pillows'???

Also, let's not forget that beautiful little goldmine of a description at the top: 'Sporting twin 10mm ear exciters, tangle-free cable, and a mixed material finish for extra mochismo, the Rilakuma boasts the street cred of a Brooklyn street gang and is synchronized to the beats and rhythms of roots, rock, and hip-hop.'

Like, what?

Now I'm actually not a fan of earphones with the clear, gummy inserts, but I'm willing to use this at least once because it is just so cute!

Lotte Cereal Choco (Korea)
(For some reason reminded me of Cooooookie Crisps!)

These little cubic, chocolate-filled biscuits were delicious. Exactly what you think it would taste like by looking at the picture. Graham-cracker-like biscuits filled with sweet milk chocolate inside. A nice little snack if you're craving something sweet, but not really remarkable enough for me to seek it out in the future.

Jouetie Little Bunny earrings and strawberry necklace (Japan)

(Absolutely adorable!)

The bunny studs are so adorable! They aren't actually red, like these pictures show. They are more of a cool, vibrant pinkish hue with gold frames and eyes. I have to admit, I like them more than the strawberry necklace, which looks and feels cheap.

The strawberry necklace is small. The picture I have here of it is actually a bit bigger than the actual size.

Jetoy Choo Choo Cat postcard set (Korea)
(Don't tell me I was the only one who thought of Dolores Umbridge.)

There is such a thing as cute being borderline creepy. Take the infamous ball-jointed dolls people collect, for example. This thing is exactly like that. I'm not sure if I find this cute or just strangely creepy. These big-eyed cats in technicolor surrounded by giant, blooming flowers is not really my kind of thing. I also don't even know who I would send these to and for what occasion?

The postcards themselves are very thick and glossy. They are pringted on really good quality paper and not one of those flimsy, 50-cent ones that crumple or bend with a slight touch. I may just give this one out as a gift. Or maybe I'll save it in case I ever get the urge to host an exclusive frou-frou tea party for cat lovers. These would make the purrfect invites.

3 Concept Eyes Full Cover Concealer (Korea)
(Good coverage, wrong shade.)

I am actually pretty happy with this concealer. It's not the best ever that I own, but it works just fine for me. I love how blend-able it is with my foundation and how light it feels on my skin. It is a touch too light for me. This shade is in 001, for fairer skin tones. The 002 would have been perfect! However, the difference is not too drastic and I can blend a little bit of my BB Cream or foundation with it to make the shade just right. For more information (or if you'd like to buy this for yourself), click here.

I believe that others got the 3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigment as an alternative to the concealer. I'm a huge fan of lip products and own way too many lipsticks for my own good, so damn! I would have loved if I'd have gotten that one too. (Maybe instead of those cat postcards.) Phooey.

Happy Wing toilet seat handle (Korea)
(My mom's new favorite thing.)

Talk about a gag gift. I wasn't sure what to make of this, but I guess it is sort of useful. The first thing I did after opening the Q Box was slap it on my parents' first-floor toilet lid. My mom loves it because now, when dad forgets to put the toilet seat down, she doesn't have to touch the seat. But I mean... isn't it the same thing? Because of airborne germs or something? I don't know. Also, how do they even advertise this kind of thing?

But seriously though, it's not a bad product. I can see germaphobes maybe taking some comfort in this thing.

Cath Kidston Floral Lunchbag (Japan)
(Smaller than it looks.)

For starters, this is a lunch bag, not a tote. It's about ten inches wide and seven inches tall. I think it's adorable, but I have no idea what to use this for. I've always been the long-strap, shoulder bag type, so I'm thinking of using it in the future as a gift bag. It would be super cute! And also, it's never too early to plan your Christmas shopping...

There's one flap pocket on the inside and there's a button to keep the bag closed. It's not really a thick canvas material, but some sort of lightweight fabric. However, it's not the kind that would wrinkle easily because it is a bit stiff. Would have loved this as a full-sized tote— it would've been perfect as a beach bag!


So that is all for this month's Q Box. Again, I wasn't too impressed compared to what I saw for their June and March boxes, but I'm definitely still hopeful for their future boxes.

One last thing. Get Q Box promises that the items in each box all amount to over $60 in value, which is great considering each box is only $25 (excluding tax and shipping). The Q Box lists the price value of these items in the little pamphlet they include in the box, which is as follows:

However, on the shipping label they had a little receipt below that read:

Um...... What's up with that?!

Maybe they intentionally lowered the value for their declarations in customs, but I can't be sure that's what's happening here. Are we all being ripped off? Or do I just not know how this all works? I mean, I know for a fact that the 3CE concealer costs more that $5. Or do they receive a special discount for bulk buying? Hello? So what do these costs mean? (My head hurts...)

Anyway, just wanted to share that. Still can't wait to see the September items!


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