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So my last post was about a haul I bought from an online shop called Pretty&Cute (see their shop here), selling Korean and Japanese make up brands. For this long and very overdue post, I will be reviewing and generally sharing my experience with each product.

Let's get into it!


[Holika Holika] Eyebrow Shaver --- Get it HERE!

(Despite the pink-looking pictures, it's actually purple.)

This is a really cute item and not all that bad for its price of $5.00. I honestly thought this was going to be something like my Remington trimmer (which requires batteries), but this one is nothing more than a flat razor blade on one side. Yes, a flat RAZOR BLADE.

Now I was really skeptical about using this, even though I grew up with Asian-beauty practices (where some beauticians shape your eyebrows with one of THESE), but it was surprisingly really easy to use. And much more accurate than the Remington. I also like the design— the heart-shaped mirror cap is the perfect size for looking at your eyebrows while shaping.

For a week or so, I was too intimidated by it and did not touch it at all. I finally decided to quit being a wimp and decided to give it a try, hoping that my hand was steady enough not to play fruit ninja on my face. I was pleasantly surprised!

I have actually used this multiple times now and really like it. If you can get a steady hand, this pretty little thing can do the job for you quite efficiently. It is very sharp so you can get precisely the shape you want your eyebrows to be. Just be real careful! I've cut myself once already, but just the very top of the skin— no blood at all. Was kind of freaked about it, but not enough to be put off using it.


[Lioele] Auto Eyebrow (in Dark Brown) --- Get it HERE!

(I may or may not also use the brush for my lashes.)

This is a double-ended eyebrow pencil with a brow brush on one end and I really like this product. I still absolutely favor my Maybelline Expert Eyes Twin Brow & Eye Pencils (an all-time fave), but this one is also good. It is very easy to apply because of the slanted tip and it also goes on smoothly.

When you apply this to your brows it is very subtle. However, you can build up the color if you want to go for a darker and more obvious fill-in.

This comes in three other shades: Natural brown, dark brown, and gray black. I always recommend to go a shade lighter than your hair color if you want a really natural look. Dark brown is perfect if you have black hair like me.

(I wouldn't recommend any of the three colors for blondes, though. If you are blonde, I'd definitely take a look at Maybelline Expert Eyes Twin Brow & Eye Pencils in the Blonde edition.)


[Lioele] Oxygen Foam Mask  --- (Don't) Get it HERE!

(Don't let the cute packaging fool you.)

So I was a bit disappointed with this one because it looked so promising! I had a lot of fun using it, though: it comes out of the pump like liquid soap, but once you apply it on your face it starts bubbling and foaming like crazy! (I might have had a little too much fun pretending to be Santa Claus.)

And in the end, after a couple of weeks of using this I did not feel any change in my skin. It did tingle and sting a bit the first time I used it, but there was no issue afterwards. It smells very floral and feels nice overall. It just didn't really do anything for me.

If I wanted a good, effective foaming cleanser, I could've just bought another bottle of Olay Regenerist Deep Hydrating Mousse Cleanser, which I already use regularly. That stuff works wonders for my skin. If your face tends to be a bit dry, I highly recommend that particular Olay face cleanser. This Lioele Oxygen Foam Mask on the other hand— a bit of a disappointment. Save yo money.


 [Lioele] Quick Point Eraser  --- Get it HERE!

(Make-up managed.)

IT'S MAGIC! I love this SO MUCH. This may not be useful to all of you make-up experts out there, but it's still really damn handy if you are like me, who keeps messing up their eyeliner on one eye (even though the other is always perfect... every time! Ugh!). 

This little eraser can go through all and any of your make up, even lipstick as pictured above. I mainly use this to erase mistakes in my eyeliner for those fussy cat-eyes and wing-tips, though I'm sure this can be used to erase other make up as well. 

One minor thing: the make up you 'erase' stays on the tip, so make sure to wipe it with a tissue between each use. It also leaves a glossy residue on your skin that you have to blot off, otherwise the makeup (or in my case, eyeliner) won't show up if you reapply it to that same area. This wonderful thing has saved many fails and prevented numerous frustrations with my new felt-tip eyeliner.


[Etude House] Wonder Pore Trial Kit ---
 Get it HERE!

(Actually works!)

This actually did something noticeable to my skin! I'm not sure about the other things, but the toner is amazing. After only a week of using it, I did notice a difference in my pores. I may just get the toner if I was to repurchase anymore Wonder Pore products, because the other two things (white clay mask and corrector) seem pretty standard.

My skin does feel really smooth after using the white clay mask, but I think the biggest difference really came from using the toner. A nice little trial kit for those considering Wonder Pore.


[Pretty&Cute] Three BB Cream Samples --- Get it HERE!

(So shiny... really.)

So for $3, Pretty&Cute can send you three BB cream samples of your choice. I've always wanted to experiment with different kinds of BB Creams, so I was excited about these samples.

The ones I chose were: Skin79's VIP Gold Super Plus, Skin79's Hot Pink Super Plus, and Lioele's Triple the Solution.

And... disappointing! None of these BB Creams really matched my complexion so I always looked like a muddy-pink when I tried them on. However, I can say that the Skin79 BB Creams go on really thick, almost like a cream, so you only need about a little drop for your entire face. I also liked that it looked matte, for the most part. Lioele was a little thinner, like hand lotion, and appeared kind of dewy/glossy.

Still, I was not super impressed with any of these.


So that is all for this post! I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts on these products and may do it more in the future!


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