It's Labor Day!

By  Sarah     9/01/2014     

Hey peeps! Kind of a late post today, but only because I've been so busy doing this and that around the house and running some typical errands out in town.  

So last week a couple of very exciting things happened— the first being that I finally have the Naked #2 palette to complete my collection! I've been wanting one for ages! Here's a pre-Instagram #nofilter picture of me and my new palette:

The colors are so beautiful! They go very well with my skin tone. The Naked#3 palette, while stunning as well, seems a bit more suited for fairer skin-tones due to all the light, shimmery pink shades it has. I seriously don't think pink eyeshadows look that great on me. The purplish and bluish pinks do not suit my skin tone at all so if I do wear pink, I'm always partial to warmer pink tones like coral and peach. This applies not only to eyeshadow, but to lipsticks and blushes as well. I'm sure others can pull off bright, cool-toned pinks, but I'm always unsatisfied with how the colors look on me. Long story short: this palette is exactly what I've been looking for.

This was ordered from Sephora's website and came with a bunch of Urban Decay's eye primer potion samples as well as other sample beauty products. Because of this, I got to try Benefit's 'Hello Flawless!' Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation and I am a little bit in love. Foundation is one of my favorite kinds of make up to hoard, right after lipsticks and eyeshadows.

And now the next exciting thing this week:

(Emergency tire fixing)

I was helping my friend (pictured above) with her move and her old car was not happy. As you can see from the picture, her car did not appreciate being treated like a U-Haul, resulting in her tires going on strike. Thankfully, it was not a blowout, just mysteriously deflated.

And now it's Labor Day! School is just around the corner and my students have been a mixture of sad and excited for the new school year. Let's hope they have a good one.

So that's all for my week. Besides blogging, working, and generally being my boring self, I've got nothing else to talk about. Hope your week was more exciting than this!

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